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RALEIGH, NC (May 13, 2009) – Triangle Arts and Entertainment, a news magazine devoted to the visual and performing arts in the Triangle area, announces the official launch of the online version of the magazine at

The online publication supports the growing arts community in the Triangle by offering the opportunity for local groups to reach a large audience through a single medium by submitting performance information, articles, and news stories regarding their organization and its activities.

“I am proud to launch such an interactive and informative Web site that incorporates so many aspects of the growing creative culture of the Triangle,” says Bob Morrow, owner and publisher of Triangle Arts and Entertainment. “The Web site is open to the public and I encourage all individuals, groups and organizations to submit content and spread their word.”

At readers can find breaking news on concerts, museum happenings, community theatre, culture, food and wine, design, and fashion. Information on the e-magazine is updated on a daily basis to ensure all information is valid and up-to-date.

Visit for arts and entertainment news, advertising information and a current calendar of events.

About Triangle Arts and Entertainment: As an arts advocate, Triangle Arts and Entertainment magazine is devoted to bringing news and information about the visual and performing arts in the Triangle. Its mission, to inform and educate, requires the publication to impart learning opportunities to students such as community theater, volunteer orchestras, workshops, or visiting artists. Triangle Arts and Entertainment has established itself as a highly respected source for in-depth expert reviews, previews, and articles about the arts, festivals, exhibitions, restaurants, and attractions of the Triangle, as well as events in Charlotte, the Piedmont, and the coast. For more information visit