Tobacco Associates

Developed hand painted ads illustrating international sports attracting attention in standard trade magazines for the sale of US Tobacco overseas. Ads appeared in four languages; Spanish, French, English, and Cantonese.



Tecan US — Switzerland-based manufacturer of laboratory automation equipment and supplies Business Challenge — Recapture name recognition and sales leadership position in the US Audience — Professionals who influence lab equipment purchasing decisions for research laboratories and drug discovery companies Strategy — Stand out in publications crowded with equipment ads Execution — Campaign featured a Toucan mascot to distinguish ads and increase name recall Results — US [...]

Pro Audi Magazine

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Dealer and consumer magazine (certain sections removed for consumer version).

Jacob Javits Center

Inspired by the architectural features designed by renowned architect I. M. Pei for the Jacobs Javits Center, I incorporated the geometric elements of the glass portions of the structure as well as mirroring the solid portions into an "I Love New York" (heart - top curves) and "The Big Apple" overall shape with stem and leaf [...]

Triangle Arts and Entertainment

Looks may be deceiving. Though simple in appearance - the development of the icon has many layers. The region that this arts organization supports is noted as the Triangle (three city locations that make an acute triangle). This accounts for the the triangle above the characters, an "ae" ligature completes the design. If we look deeper [...]

Triangle Implant Center

The logo combines two free form shapes in an embrace revealing a heart as the overall image represents a tooth. Rather than executing a symbol of the procedure with screws in bone, I decided the direction was more into the compassion and care given by the provider.

Bike Challenge

Event logo for 24-hour stationary bike marathon to raise money for non-profit of choice. Produced in ads, t-shirts, caps, and water bottle giveaways.

Carolina Cotton Growers

Unique to cotton grown in North Carolina is the 5 section cotton boll with planting rows became the logo for the Carolina Cotton Growers Association.

North Carolina Strawberry Growers Association

This logo was designed with the ability to appear about the size of the tip of your pinky and as well as on a billboard (as in all my logo development). The strawberry and leaves are highly indicative of the "North Carolina Strawberry", having three leaves and a heart shape. Always ready to make a pun, "Just [...]


Character design to appear in multiple color or black and white for Italian Restaurant.  The restaurant name is from a food cart character made popular from the successful Abbott and Costello TV series.


This logo reflects the fast motion of a magnetically driven and optically targeted medical device that rapidly measures samples in a large scale laboratory.

Ronald Reagan Legacy Project

Mirroring the stripes of the American Flag, this logo for the launch of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project captures the unique flow of the former President.

Burley USA

Designed to appeal to its audience, the Burley USA logo incorporates a strong, rough-hewn rustic design element similar to posters of the old west. The symbol was used on a wide variety of premium items such as belt buckles, lapel pins, flags, hats, pencils, etc.  The logo was part of an ongoing branded information / education campaign for [...]

Lewis Cancer and Research Pavillion

Created this logotype and symbol for the leading cancer research center is the southeast incorporating a butterfly as the symbol for metamorphosis and positive change the logotype continues to support the parent brand reflected in font design and color pallette.

Goldberger Doll


One of a line of children's toy doll product packaging for Goldberger Doll.

Audi of America

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Audi of America — European car manufacturer Challenge — Grow sales in the face of significant loss in US sales and market share after “unintended acceleration” accidents and litigation Strategy — Equip sales teams to communicate Audi’s commitment to safety and provide support for building on loyalty of current customer base Execution — Dealer “safety” [...]