When preparing your release to the media use your tactic of having your message optimized on your page.  Be sure to include the keywords and phrases that best point to your product or company.  In addition, supply your document with hot links connecting to each element of discussion to the relevant page of your website.

Optimize the search visibility of your images with unique and descriptive names, utilize meta tags such as the “alt” attribute and “description” tag.

Most important — embed your ownership. Including your copyright, keywords, and description information directly into the file description of the image will propagate your company and or product information across the web everywhere it is used.



As is the practice in public relations and corporate communications, maintaining concise and descriptive company and product messaging is essential to brand recall.

Develop 5 key message points for the company and 5 per each product.  Select which message points that will be utilized in a specific communication piece that is most important for the campaign.

In the illustration above – the corporation, Mary’s Bakery, is the URL and the “H1” headline tag, the top level hit for SERPs.

Sprinkled throughout the page are the messages points as descriptors for the product Mary’s Bakery is promoting – Chocolate Donuts.

To increase SEO results even further you would incorporate H2 and H3 tags as sub-heads, numbered or bulleted lists, and emphasis tags as “strong” or “bold” as well as italics.

In addition, linking one of the bold, italic message point to another internal page will increase the footprint of the site.

One final note, never ever abbreviate your company name in your headline or first appearance – the little robots don’t know who you are.  Spell out your company name and have it link to your site.

Now that you have optimized your document send it out to your normal distribution channels and find some not-so-normal ways of sharing your information.


To know more about formatting your word document for online accessibility check out this page at the US Gov. Human Health & Services.