Business Card Templates

Review the templates and business card examples below to find the card that best suits your needs.

  1. Simply click the business card you desire and download it to your computer.
  2. Open the PDF document and fill in the fields as desired saving it with a new name.
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This document presents information about the types of NC State business cards, how to customize a business card, and which business card to use when.

In most cases, use a one-column business card (fig. 1). This format provides a line for an additional phone number or fax number that can also be used for an additional email address.

In situations when a college or department name needs an extra line, you can delete one of the bottom three lines if you don’t need them all.

In cases when a one-column template cannot contain all the necessary information, use a two-column template (fig 2).

Two-column templates can be customized for many types and combinations of information, within reasonable lengths. For example, a long email address can be moved to the mailing address text block, and a college name can follow the professional title (fig 3).

Be sure to follow NC State brand guidelines by using periods (.) as separators in phone numbers.


fig. 2

fig. 3, Longer email or URL can go below address line



fig. 1