PWCG Landing Page

Targeted landing page for Google Adwords and reMarketing initiatives.

North Carolina Strawberry Growers Association

This logo was designed with the ability to appear about the size of the tip of your pinky and as well as on a billboard (as in all my logo development).

The strawberry and leaves are highly indicative of the “North Carolina Strawberry”, having three leaves and a heart shape.

Always ready to make a pun, “Just Ripe […]

Triangle Arts and Entertainment

Magazine devoted to supporting the visual and performing arts in central North Carolina.

Recognized by Google as the leading source for breaking entertainment news.


Integrated BioChem



Client: Integrated BioChem – Integrated BioChem is an industrial biotechnology company creating a profitable and sustainable business by converting organic waste streams into useful products
using natural biological processes.

Developed company name
Identity: logo, color palette, font style, general appearance
Designed collateral materials
Designed website
Created process and management infographics


Birth Planner Telfair Woman’s Hospital

, ,

360 birth planner outlinning all stages of pregnancy.